1. New 52 Weeks illustration is up!  These lovelies will soon be available as a short run of silk screen posters

  2. New 52 Weeks Project complete!

    check out the whole project here

  3. Beard Poster Prints for sale!!!

    8 bucks for this beauty, hand printed on French Paper Co. paper these prints measure 12.5x19 and will look great matted and frame or mounting right on the wall of your favorite beard wearing friend/boyfriend/husband/wife (ha!) etc.

    You can purchase the print via paypal by clicking anywhere on this sentence.


    Prints are now for sale on White French Paper Co. paper!



    25 silk screen posters are in the mail - should be here soon!


    More Posters Coming!
    Another 52 weeks illustration - This Silk Screen poster will soon be available for sale for a thrifty 8 bucks.  Have a beard?  Want a beard? Need a beard? We all Do.

    I’ll post a paypal button and images as soon as the posters come in  and announce it on twitter @themattnovak

  5. The next installment in my 52 weeks project I really want to get better at creating better textures and distressed looks in illustrator.  This is my first crack.  I photographed some charcoal rubbed paper messed with it in PS then live traced in AI.  Its in need of some serious refining but I’m excited at the possibilites it will open up.

  6. Old-Fashioned Ingredients posters are printed!  25 prints available for FREE to the first takers.  Prints are 11x17 on 12.5x19 French Paper Co. Parchtone paper.  Posters are ready to be matted and hung or rolled out and put straight behind your favorite shelve of high-ball glasses or on your tap room wall.

    About French Paper Co. Parchtone:

    In 1949 French Paper Company introduced the first 100% animal-free printable parchment paper, better known as Parchtone. Since that time, animals have breathed a little easier and designers have designed a little better. Unleash your creative instincts - Parchtone’s unique finish and subtle colors provide a natural setting for wild projects, large and small.

    Email me at themattnovak (at) gmail (dot) com with your address shipping address

    (Source: mnovakbrands.com)

  7. Another installment in my 52 weeks project.  A Cheat-sheet poster for the ingredients in an old fashioned.  I really enjoy bourbon, and an Old-Fashioned is a lovely bourbon vehicle! I’ll be doing a short run of these on French Paper Co.’s Parchtone paper.  Email for more details!

  8. Week 2 of my “52 Weeks” project.  I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve been chasing my white whale, so it seemed fitting.  Marker on paper + Scanner & Illustrator. I’m consider doing a short run of these as letter press posters.

  9. 25 hand numbered prints available! $12.00 Each printed on recycled 13pt. matte stock.