1. Farm Portrait.

  2. I guess it would seem unlikely we’d have become friends, but Richie is a great dude.  In spite of his situation he’s always upbeat, positive and funny. Lunches with this guy were the highlight of my days in DUMBO.  See the full portrait story on my Exposure page 

  3. Hands down the best lobster roll in southern Maine.  Also, the view ain’t too bad either.

  4. Fourth of July on the lake.  Soooooooooooo, maybe I’m a little behind on posting images.  

  5. Some of y favorite images I’ve ever taken of my daughter. Contax 645 80mm f2 // kodak portra 400

  6. Its been a crazy late winter/ early spring of snow and crazy weather. but we’ve tried to make the best of it.  Lola doesn’t seem to mind. // Contax 645 Portra 400.

  7. Big News!!

    Narragansett Lighthouse. // Shot last Summer on Kodak Portra 400 I’m sharing this because this was part of a story that I shot last Summer for a publication I’ve been working on for just as long.  As we speak the first proof is being uploaded to the printer and I’ll have it in my hands for proofing in a few days.


    I’ve had a chance to partner with some amazingly talented writers and artists through the process and I’m so excited to be able to get this book in front of people.

    I don’t have a release date yet or more details other than that you should be excited. Sign up HERE to receive an email when more information is available, and do me a favor and reblog tweet share the (sorta)news.

  8. Mark Weaver // Brooklyn Bridge

  9. I found a bunch of scans I missed from my last trip to Louisville.  It wasn’t surprising to see a bunch of food signs.

  11. More snowy chickens!! In honor of my newly listed Skillshare class ‘how to shoot film’ I’m giving away a special Tumblr discount code! Sign up here: http://skl.sh/12gGnGM and enter the code TUMBLR10 to be able to take the class for 10 bucks.  I’ll be teaching about different camera types, film stocks and more, I’m really excited to share some tips tricks, and discount codes to some awesome labs.

    Above images captured on Kodak Portra 400 // Contax 645 80mm f2

  12. Winter ‘12 Tree Farm on Flickr.

    Scanning and correcting tri-x all night! Swoon.

  13. Galilee Harbor // Bronica Sq-A // Kodak Portra 160 // 80mm f2.8

  14. Bronica SQ-A // 80mm f2.8 // Kodak Portra 160

  15. Kodak Tri-X // Contax 645 // 80mm 2.0