1. Found some images from last winter in Red Rock.  Wishing it were this warm here right now.

  2. A non-iphone #DailyReservoir.  Easy to see why I love this place so much… even in winter

  3. Kodak Tri-X // Contax 645 // 80mm 2.0


  5. One of my favorites from a test roll from my new Fji GA645

  8. View the whole Mark Weaver 1-Roll Session

    Bronica Sq-A // 65mm f4 // Kodak Portra 160 (expired)

    Developed & Scanned at Richard’s Photo Lab

    Shot in the Walpack NJ

  9. Cows!

    Holga 120N // Ilford XP2 400

  10. Day-Dreaming about summer already

    Bronica SQ-a // 65mm f4 // Portra 160

    Processed & Scanned at Dwaynes

  11. One heck of a climb, but totally worth the view.

    Canon Ae-1 // 50mm 1.2 // Kodak Ektar 100

  12. A couple fun Holga images from last weekend’s wedding!  Can’t wait to get the whole thing blogged in a few weeks!

    Holga // Iford XP2 400 Film // canon 420 Ex flash (full power set to 35mm zoom)

    (Source: tinsparrowstudio.com)

  13. New Names of the Places Posted!

    Bronica Sq-A // 65mm f4 // Kodak Portra 400 

  14. New OneRoll posted!

    Bronica Sq-A // 65mm f4 // Kodak Portra 400

    Shot all of these at 1/8th of a second hand held!  Gotta love leaf shutters.

    Email or message me on twitter @themattnovak if you’d like to do a OneRoll session.

  15. 1 roll Portrait session // bronica sq-a // 65mm f4 // fuji 120 800iso

    view the rest at: http://mtthwnvk.com/?photo=paul

    (Source: mtthwnvk.com)