1. Some recently designed invites.

    (Source: mnovakbrands.com)

  2. Just a quick sketch while I was waiting for a project at work

  3. Resumes are pretty boring.  So I made this to offset how boring they are.  That’s right, I’m hitting the job market and this little gem will be preceding me.

    Download, email, reblog, tweet, do what you want with it!

    If you like this and would like a copy of my resume please contact me through my portfolio site: mnovakbrands.com

  4. Just got these in the mail!  I love designing for letterpress.  I hope I get to do it more as time goes on.  Its safe to say that I like a good blind impression just as much as I like backlighting & lens flare.  The inspiration for this was dug up from old camping permits and from the building on the grounds.  I worked off a scanned pencil sketch of the building and lined it out in illustrator.

    Printed by Dingbat Press

    (Source: mnovakbrands.com)

  5. Silk Screen Valentines!  Not a whole lot more to say.   Bang up job by Brian Cordes at Norman’s Printery in Wykoff NJ.  Designed mostly in illustrator with some texturing done in PS.

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  7. messing around with some logo treatments

  8. "Say Love, Say for me love. Say Love, Say for me love."

  9. 25 hand numbered prints available! $12.00 Each printed on recycled 13pt. matte stock.