1. Resumes are pretty boring.  So I made this to offset how boring they are.  That’s right, I’m hitting the job market and this little gem will be preceding me.

    Download, email, reblog, tweet, do what you want with it!

    If you like this and would like a copy of my resume please contact me through my portfolio site: mnovakbrands.com


  2. Seeking Artists & Craftsmen for Film Project

    There’s something really amazing about watching someone skilled at a trade complete their assigned task.  I have always been fascinated with why people create, make, build, fabricate, paint, capture, etc etc etc.

    I have decided to do a short series of interviews and films (5-7 minute features).  I am looking for anyone who thinks they do something unique.  I am searching for:

    1. Artists (traditional & non-traditional)
    2. Photographers
    3. Writers
    4. Builders/Welders/Carvers
    5. Entrepreneurs
    6. Anyone with a passion for someone

    The idea behind the project is to showcase your skill but more importantly your passion.  Don’t create but still think you’re unique?  Please submit to, the most important thing is that you LOVE whatever it is you do, succeed at it, and would love to talk about it.

    There is no cost in the project, I will provide you with digital copies for your promotional or personal use.

    Email themattnovak (at) gmail (dot) com with a brief summary about yourself and any links to work if you have any.

    Please reblog/repost this if you know anyone who may be interested.

    You may view my film reel here