2. New Blog posted over at the Tin Sparrow Site!

    Canon 5D mkII // 45mm TSE // VSCO

  3. Have we talked about how much I love people dancing at weddings???

    Canon 5D mk II // 24 f1.4 & 35 f1.4 // 2nd curtain fun!

    Whole wedding is blogged here

  4. A couple fun Holga images from last weekend’s wedding!  Can’t wait to get the whole thing blogged in a few weeks!

    Holga // Iford XP2 400 Film // canon 420 Ex flash (full power set to 35mm zoom)

    (Source: tinsparrowstudio.com)

  5. This week on the Tin Sparrow blog this is happening. For realsies.

  6. Last week’s engagement shoot.  Click link to view the entire shoot.

    IMG: Canon 5D Mk II | 35MM