1. I have always loved breakfast.  I’m a NJ kid, we eat breakfast for dinner and we grow up in diners.  The only problem with this is, cured meats, potatoes and greasy eggs don’t do a body well when your 30 year old human metabolism starts acting like a 65 year old manatee’s metabolism. Still desiring the same “filled-up” feeling I’ve found myself eating a lot of breakfast salad.  I know, its nothing new, but I have come up with a pretty good method to get the same this-is-terrible-for-me tastiness without the post-breakfast tripple bypass.

    1.) Avocado is a must. Firm, but giving, texture makes up for the lack of good homefries and gives you a nice healthy source of fat, sprinkle with Olive oil and sea salt.

    2.) Choose your greens wisely.  I wouldn’t expect that you’d have a great time if you pulled out last nights anti-pasta and used it for this.  Avoid tougher greens for their more delicate counterparts.  I used baby (read: tiny and soft) Romain here, but it works equally well with any micro green, sprouts, or something softer like Arugala.

    3.) Good Eggs. Fresh eggs are king, find a farm and get them, if this is possible find a market that keeps a smaller stock of items like milk and eggs, in theory these should be delivered more often and offer a fresher option.

    4.) Dress it up.  Diner breakfast is good because its never bland.  You’ve got salted potatoes cured meats, the grease from who-knows-when and most likely if you’re like me its all smothered in ketchup and tabasco sauce.  season your greens before you top with eggs and use some dressing.  I had leftover chimichurri from the night before so everything got a healthy coating of that just as it hit the table.

  2. I LOVE TOMATOES. was that loud enough? Some thoughts on why (and more pictures HERE