1. I LOVE TOMATOES. was that loud enough? Some thoughts on why (and more pictures HERE


  2. Need Help Finding a New(er) Food Stylist

    Hello!  As I move more into falling in love with taking pictures of beautiful food I am compelled to recreated a look book for distributing to editors clients etc.  

    I am currently looking to collaborate with a new(er) food stylist in the hopes that it could be a rather, symbiotic relationship

    Must love rustic food!

    If you know nayone please reblog, or tweet, or get them in touch with me


    Feel free to contact me through my website

  4. New Blog!

    My shoot at the Iron Forge Inn

  5. A few preview images before the whole post.  Captured Chef Erik, owner at The Iron Forge Inn in Warwick NY, in action.

    (Source: mtthwnvk.com)

  6. I enjoy taking pictures of food. I’d like to do it more often

    Click for the rest of the set

  7. the latest from Man eats with mustache.