1. You find some interesting things when you hike the old mine trails and reservoirs in New Jersey.

    Shot on a Canon EOS 650 with Kodak Portra 400

  2. The latest from The Names of the Places! A trip to Coney Island, and then back through brooklyn.  Shot with Polaroid Supershooter and Canon EOS 650 with Kodak Ektar.  View the entire set & feel free to comment on the blog, and share!

  3. So far my favorite frame from a half roll I shot on Coney Island last monday.  Taken on the Brighton Beach boardwalk.  Canon EOS 650 // 35mm f1.4 // Kodak Ektar

    Will be posting more on mnovakbrands.com when they are all scanned.

  4. Started a new film project this weekend.  Got to hang out in DUMBO with an old friend and a new friend.

    Canon EOS 650 // 24mm f1.4 // Kodak Ektar (expired)

  5. 7AM Photo hike Monday morning in Chester NJ before heading into the office

    Shot with:

    Canon EOS 650 // 24mm f1.4 // Kodak Ektar 100 ISO

  6. Yesterday I found Death.

    Canon EOS 650 // 35mm 1.4 // Kodak Ektar 100 ISO