1. Old-Fashioned Ingredients posters are printed!  25 prints available for FREE to the first takers.  Prints are 11x17 on 12.5x19 French Paper Co. Parchtone paper.  Posters are ready to be matted and hung or rolled out and put straight behind your favorite shelve of high-ball glasses or on your tap room wall.

    About French Paper Co. Parchtone:

    In 1949 French Paper Company introduced the first 100% animal-free printable parchment paper, better known as Parchtone. Since that time, animals have breathed a little easier and designers have designed a little better. Unleash your creative instincts - Parchtone’s unique finish and subtle colors provide a natural setting for wild projects, large and small.

    Email me at themattnovak (at) gmail (dot) com with your address shipping address

    (Source: mnovakbrands.com)

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    I just received my print last week and it looks amazing. Grab one while you can! Thanks, Matt!
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