1. Wawayanda Creek, Vernon, NJ. Second day of open trout season,  Breaking in my 60 year old new-old-stock Martin reel.  

  2. Cory on Wawayanda Creek.  Jan ‘14

    Full set of images from this day can be viewed on my EXPOSURE PAGE

  3. Farm Portrait.

  5. A small piece I got to create for Le Creuset and Spring Street Social Society

  6. This woman.  My heart.

  7. 30 minute exposure of the North Star.  Not bad I guess since i rarely do this, and it was 5 degrees out.

  8. I guess it would seem unlikely we’d have become friends, but Richie is a great dude.  In spite of his situation he’s always upbeat, positive and funny. Lunches with this guy were the highlight of my days in DUMBO.  See the full portrait story on my Exposure page 

  9. Michael

  10. Kodak Portra 200 + Holga Double exposure



  11. thisadvertisinglife:

    Guys. Gals. Evening, Tumblrators.

    I don’t ask for much. All I ask for this holiday season is to reach into your hearts and vote for my sweater. Look at it. It has eagles on it. Eagles and bears. 

    Look, here’s the thing. Out of like 24,000 submissions, I’m ranked 112. The top 100 get their sweaters made. I am so close. I would wear this magnificent garment, like, all the time. This would be my favorite sweater ever, and I would possibly even have a fancy photo shoot done in it. This shoot would include axes, beards, and plenty of smoldering ‘tude. 

    Please, for Ron Swanson’s sake, vote. You can vote every day, if you feel so inclined. It would make this little copywriter’s heart very happy.

    I will keep the plug posts to a minimum. Thank you.

  12. Rt 9 to Bear Mnt Bridge in some dense fog

  13. ableparris:

    analogisheavy.com relaunched!

    Thanks to all of the folks who have been so supportive of Analog = Heavy throughout the year. Your excitement about the work has been tremendous, and the one thing I heard repeatedly was, “WE WANT PRINTS!” and I’m proud to say the wait is over for most of you.

    As of today, U.S. residents can now order Analog = Heavy prints. For those of you looking for wallpapers, they are no longer available.

    However, the new focus of Analog = Heavy will be on the physical artifact. The best part is, I am joined by my wife and lifelong adventurer, Julia Parris. To start, each of us will be selling high-quality prints of our artworks, but we have other plans for early next year so please stay tuned. We are not yet shipping internationally, but will be soon.  

  14. So, I guess I eat a lot of granola. 


  15. Few things would make me happier than getting to make some portraits of a World War II vet. I know it’s not like this humanitarian thing that would really make a difference but it feels like it’s capturing a fleeting history.